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"Hairworld" documentary produced by Cindy Adra


As a master hair stylist people sometimes ask me ,"what qualifies a hairstylist to be a master?" Well, I'll try to explain. Hairstylists have always moved among commoners and kings but they have achieved their greatest popularity at three points in history: shortly before the decline of greece, just before the French revolution-and today. The art of hair design can be traced back as a continous thread from the middle ages to now-mostly taught orally and visually- one on one with each generation studying ,adding their own touch,and passing it on to the next apprentice. So I would like to thank all the hair designers who've preceded me and taken the time to pass on their knowledge of the craft. For myself, Pivot Point precision haircutting was an essential first haircutting technique.

Leo Passage , creator of Pivot Points"Scientific Approach to Hair Design" said, "My goal was to adapt the Bauhaus philosophy to hairdressing to allow a craftsman to see and think as a designer." This philosophy enables styliststs to apply the elements and principles that form the building blocks of ALL design to hair. It allows stylists to predict results and create personalized looks for clients rather than "pick out a style from the wall pictures" hairstyling. Over time and study with other master stylists, I added their knowledge to my experience.

I've discovered the connections and pattern of hair design so I no longer have to memorize what I've learned. Concepts of geometry, concave and convex lines,texture and properties of hair are just a few of the considerations when approaching a hair design. Knowing how to give a great haircut is not the same as knowing hair design. When a client sits in my chair we have a talk on what style would work best for him or her. Then all my skill, knowledge, creativity and experience come in to play. I can be as creative as a musician and go with a riff that catches my imagination midway through a haircut or custom design a precision haircut with consistency, efficiency and accuracy. It's a fun and rewarding experience for both of us! A master hair designer is a craftsman (craftswoman!), designer and artist, all in one.

Now you know!